Seminar with Tale Næss & Maziar Raein

This talk will address the role of vulnerability in relation to the practice of artistic research and the challenge of developing new artistic knowledge. Vulnerability runs across the gamut of the private, personal and public realms – especially in relation to the artistic institutions which we engage with through our practices.By its nature vulnerability invites ethical reflections, and here we will explore the ethics of change and reciprocity as focal points. Moreover, we will also touch on to the concepts of ownership and disinheritance as social stratagems which are often tacit, and effect the territories and discourses we are asked to explore and occupy.

Tale Næss is a playwright, author and dramaturge based in Oslo and Tromsø.
She has a PhD in artistic research in playwriting from the Theatre Department at KHiO.
She has studied at the NTNU (MA in film science) at the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen. She has written and published collections of poetry, novels and two collections of dramatic text for stage and radio. She has also written opera librettos, film manuscripts and worked collaboratory across the field with musicians, composers, performers and visual artists. Tale Næss has made several dramatic installation works for the voice, the web, and the stage.
Many of her projects are experimental in nature and challenges the border between the performative, the visual and the literary.
Tale Næss has a special interest in the human voice and its expressive quality. In how it addresses us, and how it ties the one that addresses to “the other”. This interest is frequently at the core of her work.
In her PhD she developed several texts for the stage, a series of immersive installation pieces, and two audio plays. Her focus as a researcher has been on the connection between the collective and the individual in texts written for the stage.

MAZIAR RAEINMaziar Raein is an Associate Professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO).
He holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and an MA in Independent Film from St.Martin’s School of Art (later known as CSM). His film work include; Underwater Productions which specialized in arts documentaries and short dramas with commissions from Channel 4 and F.4 Films which made ‘I Used To Be In Pictures’.
He later founded Codex Design were he was responsible for the branding and identity of many businesses, amongst them His company specialised in developing identities and distilling them into brands. Before moving to Oslo, he taught on the BA Graphics course at CSM, were he was Head of the Context programme. He has published and worked on projects that focus on the positive aspects of visual and spatial ability, reflective practice and methodology. Moreover, he was a regular contributor to Graphics magazine, as well as having works published in; Typographics, Eye magazine etc.
On moving to Oslo he established the MA Design course at KHiO, setting up a number of research forums that focused on the development of teaching and learning in design.