ARC Talks #5, Natalie Loveless

Dear friend, dear colleague, dear ally, We warmly invite you to the 5th ARC Talks with Natalie Loveless (CA)  on Tuesday, June 20th at 19:00 at Nieuwe Sint Jansstraat 35 in Groningen. With the title “Work as Art: Performing Ecological Interventions, Natalie brings...


//EnglishOn The 2nd of June ARC in the North hosts a special day with an ARC/talk and workshop of the Berlin Based collective Trust about their project Black Swan . The day starts at 10:00 with the ARC/talk and is...

ARC Talks: Thinking at Play with Tale Næss

The next ARC-talk will take place on May 17th! For this session of the series, we are happy to welcome Tale Næss (NO), to share her wide experience in artistic research. During her visit to Groningen she will be working with different groups - such as Artistic...


What differs between a designed space and a lived space? What happens when a designed environment does not function as intended? How can we as artist mediate spaces in a way that leaves room for different perspectives? How can we imagine a space from seemingly alien angles other than our own?
In this panel artist-researchers Maddie Leach, Linde Ex & Pol Taverne address these topics in relation to their own work, in a discussion moderated by Hannes Andersson of the Artistic Research Community (ARC) in the North.

VULNERABILITY & ARTISTIC RESEARCH Seminar with Tale Næss & Maziar Raein

This talk will address the role of vulnerability in relation to the practice of artistic research and the challenge of developing new artistic knowledge. Vulnerability runs across the gamut of the private, personal and public realms – especially in relation to the artistic institutions which we engage with through our practices.
By its nature vulnerability invites ethical reflections, and here we will explore the ethics of change and reciprocity as focal points. Moreover, we will also touch on to the concepts of ownership and disinheritance as social stratagems which are often tacit, and effect the territories and discourses we are asked to explore and occupy.

ARTISTIC RESEARCH, EMPATHY & EMBODIMENT with Kristoffer Gansing, Hermen Maat & Simona Kicurovska

For this 1st session we are happy to welcome Kristoffer Gansing (Professor of the newly formed ‘International Center for Knowledge in the Arts’ (and former Artistic Director of the Transmediale festival) to share his thoughts on artistic research in a panel discussion together with ARCers Hermen Maat and Simona Kicurovska, who will present their research and share their views on empathy and embodiment.