T.S. Anna

architect of care

T.S. Anna  visual artist from Latvia  are based in Groningen, the North of the Netherlands. 
Their practice is related to care, to the connection with nature and to the politics of technologies – and all this underneath the accommodating umbrella of Not Knowing.
In their practice T.S. turns more and more towards issues surrounding the ongoing climate, ecological and societal crises. Anna is convinced that among the challenges are plenty of possibilities for a more connected, relational and caring world. Their practice and research will continue embracing and furthering these worldviews.
In ARC T.S. are one of the central, critical members that keep us going. The quote ‘practice what you preach’ is fitting. Their actions and interventions show the commitment to truly working in a togetherness from an open (and not knowing) mind. They are capable of translating ideals into practices. They can also be called a true anarchist.
In the coming year or two in ARC Anna will focus on research with the Not Knowing Core (Adri, Kevin, Simona). They are creating a series (participatory) of events and encounters, and working towards publications, among them research exposition “There is no knowledge, only encounters”.
T.S. will take part in the developing of upcoming experimental public event with (working) title “What Can [It] Be?”. Collectively ARC will be creating and exploring our potential in this happening – a first larger public event created and produced by ARC. Thinking of ways to make the ARC more visible in the Groninger arist landscape.
In addition T.S. will continue working with other members on developing, hosting and participating in monthly ARC Reads and ARC Writes, as well as ARC Talks.



Anna Not Knowing

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