1. Henry’s artistic research practice

Henry Byrne is a visual artist and researcher from the UK currently living and working in Groningen (NL).Currently He is looking at a personal memorys on our enviroment and how the building boom over the past 80 years has effected that perspective. In his resarch this incoperates economics and values systems about what certain cultures think is to build.



 where are you going with your artistic/research practice?

I try to stay with the topic and make iterational work that is connected to it. I use my intuition to guide me as well as previous work and influences. The aim of my work is to show what we are distroying and gaining from such large scale interventions in our landscapes/enviroments.  



What is the role of Henry in our community? 

I think it is important to reflect on social and econmic models that in a way frame our psychology.

One intervention was DAO(Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) talk exploring autonomous ways of organizing an art community of a financial system. away from a centrally organized control system. . 




What is Henry focusing on in ARC in the coming year or two?

My current area of focus is our contemporary landscapes. In the Netherlands, a lot are Man-made, how that Orcastrated environment relates to its past, and how it is romanticized. 



What is Henry doing together with other ARCers?

Currently I am helping Anna with the events facilitating new happenings and talks, In addition would like to continue the decentralised economic thinking which I think will change the approach we take towards decision making. Which intern might have a different effect on how we view public space and our envroment at large. 




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