Listening to environments, social engagement, looking for connections, everything is politics, but the louder you scream the less you will hear.

Kevin looks through art, through design at our society, it is a form of activism, social engagement and listening to being heard.
He tries to understand and explore the visual imageries (and propaganda!) that we are confronted to everyday. Decrypting, analysing but also creating images is an important part of his work.
What is the role of Kevin in our community? this can be a word or a phrase, but it can also be a full sentence.  

Kevin brings everyone together. He takes care that things move forward in a light and cheerful manner. He likes to distribute responsibilities and make things available for others. He is our anarchist organizer.

What is Kevin doing together with other ARCers?

At current time Kevin is involved with several projects with other ARCmember. He is part of the Not-Knowing core, Arc Write and he is focusing on setting up and carrying out different projects like the ARChive, the event What can it be?, collabotation with The World We Live In, and more privacy, technology and economy related projects. Keeping the ARC running whith his strong commitment and drive in the group.


LET’S GET FREE – Video Research – Zichtbaar Maken

This video is a multidisciplinary visual research analysing the creations of several young video artists from Arnhem (participants of the Zichtbaar Maken project). The goal was to situate their work within a visual, cultural and artistic framework composed of musical...