1.Introduce Linde and her artistic/research practice
This is Linde Ex. Groningen – based artist. 
Her artistic research is about the live of the non-human. Her artistic practice investigates the micro settings of non-human live systems with a macro outlook on the interrelation of how these different levels function. 
2. Linde, where are you going with your artistic/research practice?

The topics I propose are in their very essence and aesthetics, delicate, difficult to really perceive and easily overlooked. They are not only invisible because of the scale of ecological problems they represent, but they are also invisible because of their aesthetics, materiality and vulnerability. I do attempts to create connections with these non-human others through artistic practice.

3. What is the role of Linde in our community?

As the fist member to get onto the PHD in Groningen, she enables a dialogue between a scientific research perspective and the artistic research perspective of ARC. She is engaged in finding artistic forms to enable different perspectives on human/non-human interactions. Her interests also supports other members in the community’s perspectives.


4. What is Linde focusing on in ARC in the coming year or two?
She will be focussing on wrapping up her docterate and how to bring ARC into play. Looking for interplay and common ground.
5. What is Linde doing together with other ARCers?
She is very busy with the English member of our group.(sorry :S) Her interests support other members in the community’s perspectives.  



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What differs between a designed space and a lived space? What happens when a designed environment does not function as intended? How can we as artist mediate spaces in a way that leaves room for different perspectives? How can we imagine a space from seemingly alien angles other than our own?
In this panel artist-researchers Maddie Leach, Linde Ex & Pol Taverne address these topics in relation to their own work, in a discussion moderated by Hannes Andersson of the Artistic Research Community (ARC) in the North.