Introduce Agustin and his artistic/research practice (by inbal)

An eloquent artistic research phd student. Marcelo Agustin Martinez Caram addresses topics of technology, art and society. His practice and research explore the way AI affects current social and cultural discourse. With a background in Arts and Linguistics he focuses on new technologies, literacy and ethics.

Agustin, where are you going with your artistic/research practice? (by agustin)

Agustin’s artistic research is developing towards a doctorate trajectory where I will focus on researching the interaction of Artificial Intelligence and data-based systems in the field of Health and Well-being the from a human-centric design philosophy. 

What is the role of Agustin in our community? (by pol)

Inspirational member, always there to lend a hand, or head. Is well set in his own research.

What is Agustin focusing on in ARC in the coming year or two? (by henry)

Agustin’s project interpreting AI research will give him scope to experiment and fail. Which is a fantastic position to be in. The project incorporates other members. These meetings I hope will complement other members. He also has teaching roles and is cementing himself in a speciality of research (which is good to see). 

What is Agustin doing together with other ARCers? (by kevin)

Agustin is bringing a technical and theoretical/critical knowledge about technology – knowledge that he shares with the other member of the ARC.



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