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Future Flowers FEB 11.02.2022

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HI ARC'ers


This months reading group is hosted by me. See below writing from Nisha Ramayyya. She is a lecture on creative writing at Queen Marys University, London. The writing is found in the Atlas of Anomalous AI a book that aims to reflect on AI in a more holistic way to try and decouple it from projected futures on the topic of artificial intelligence. It is an interesting question and the book is well worth a read. Her writing spoke to me the loudest so thought it would be nice to use it as a starting point for the reading season. 

Any questions let me know otherwise see you on Friday!!!


H x 


P.S start time 10 am 11.02.2022 my house (havenstraat 28, Groningen) if too many people can not make Physically we can do it online. 

Posted : 09/02/2022 2:33 pm
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