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After meeting #1 (05/12/22)

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Copied from e-mail on 19/12:
About a week and a half ago we had our first ARC Publication meeting. It was… super inspiring and I think we all left with some kind of butterflies in our bellies. Inbal, Simona, Adri and myself were present. 
We shared the publications we like and what characteristics of each publication we like and consider important to see in our own. 
We discussed our personal and shared motivations for having an ARC publication. 
We laughed and got very excited about working on this together in a playful way, in a shared process and response-ability. It will be fun. You want to join us? Our next meeting is on January 5th 10:00-12:00. We will get our hands busy and perhaps a bit dirty. You will hear more about it some days before.
You want to see what came up during our meeting?
Or maybe you want to get involved in the process?
Yessss! Please do! Check the Miro Board, add the publications you love, share your thoughts on why ARC should have a publication,  your expectations etc.
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