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Before meeting #2 (05/01/22)

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T.S. Anna
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Copied from e-mail 03/01/23:

Happy new year, happy new year, happy new year!
We meet for our next ARC Publication session in 2 days - this Thursday, 10:00-12:00. The meeting will be in-person at Travertijnstraat 12, with the possibility to join remotely.
Bring along something from your own practice, research or other place of interest that responds to (either of) these two questions:
? What can I offer?
? What would I want to play with?
It can be something to show, to demonstrate, to let others do a.o.
The Miro Board is available to all of you and you are invited to contribute however you see possible and interesting.
Posted : 09/01/2023 4:59 pm