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After meeting #2 (05/01/23)

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T.S. Anna
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Present in meeting #2: Inbal, Anke, Adri, Anna, partially Henry

In this meeting we discussed:
--- what each of us can offer
--- what each of us wants to play with.

Both of these questions were addressed in the context of any stage or process of getting our first publication happen.

For ALL ARCers who want to be involved in the publication please take a close look at the Miro board and feel free to make any additions. We decided not to add names unless it has special reason (such as what can you offer or what you want to play with).

For those ARCers who were present in either of these meetings and were involved in the discussions:
--- please do add the things you already said in the circles. I have added some based on the notes I took, but some are surely forgotten/missing.

For the next meeting we will actually get our hands dirty and/or going. Do check the Miro board to get up to speed. Reserve the date: 30/01/23 15:00-17:00 (possibly longer for those who can and get in a flow). This time we will meet in person, somewhere on Travertijnstraat. More info to follow.

Posted : 09/01/2023 5:47 pm