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Dear Arcers
At the last Arc meeting, I told you that I have finances for arc en lectorat activities, be it joined publications, Arc Talks and other things you can come up with.
Please let me know before end of the month
1 what the activity is
2 how it is connected with the arc ideals
3 who wants to take responsibility, 
4 who will contribute
5 for whom it is ment to be
6 what are the costs for the activity itself (material costs, fee, travel costs)
7 how much time will have to be spend to get it done.
8 other important information 
And please share it with all of us.
In January I can let you know what is doable when it comes to financing and we could have a talk about it.
Looking forwards to your proposals
email from Anke - 06.12.21
Posted : 06/12/2021 1:26 pm
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From Anna:

  • Budget-2022 is a spreadsheet with several tabs:
    • ARC-2022 - general budget for 2022,
    • Events-2022 for budgeting of specific (public) activities & events in 2022,
    • Calculator - for the ease of making quick calculations
    • 22-001-ARCevents - really there is nothing there, but I made it to copy some standard budgeting, when applying for funding
Posted : 03/01/2022 6:06 pm