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Hi ARC-ers,

An exciting update from the Not Knowing Core! We had the idea to organize a small event in the week when Emma Cocker is in Groningen for a workshops specially for ARC (14 November, more info will follow)  and an ARC-talk coming November 14 to 18. There was already an idea to invite fellow artists and researchers, collectives, research labs, but also everyone who is specifically interested in Not Knowing as a method and attitude in the fields of arts and the social context.

When we all came back from our holidays we came together and developed a plan for a small hands-on symposium about Not Knowing on 17th November in which we invite artist and researcher Emma Cocker(UK), performance artist Ernest Truely  (FI/US ), Slow Research Lab(NL) and Stroom (NL) to create a hands-on symposium program together with us for about 50 participating guests. The location of the symposium will be the abandoned indoor swimming pool in Backbone050. We wrote a funding proposal for the Kunstraad and handed it in on the 15th of August. So now we need our fingers crossed!


You can read the proposal through this link.

If you have any additions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to reply!. Also when you would like to be involved in organizing in any form, please let us know. All the help is very welcome!


Best wishes the NK Core,

T.S. Anna, Simona, Kevin and Adri

Posted : 29/08/2022 12:27 pm
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