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proposal for organisational structure 22/23

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T.S. Anna
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Hi all,

Last year we had monthly meetings with many different ideas and plans. Some worked out, some not. Understandably. I personally noticed that it is difficult to only have meetings for our group once a month, because it doesn't seem to be enough - enough to go over the different administrative and organisational parts, AND to have meaningful conversations/doings. Therefore I already proposed the first two things in France, and third is an afterthought of France:

---1--- to have monthly meetings that are each time hosted by someone else and whoever they are, they decide what it will be about, where it will take place, how it will be organised and what will be the agenda. This way we can keep it a bit inspiring and keep ourselves interested, and doing things we want to work on with each other.

---2--- to have a smaller (fluid) group (3-5 people) who also meet monthly (extra to the meeting above) to discuss and work on the various administrative and organisational aspects, and just keep the foundation running, and report back to the whole group about what is happening. This includes a wide range of matters including financial matters (bank accounts, tax responsibilities, anbi-label prep work, invoices etc.), organisational matters (organising board meetings, networking with organisations (e.g. regarding space), communication & newsletter), working out and communicating with potential members, figuring out what kind of reports and where we need to hand in as a foundation etc.. I propose it is a group (rather than individuals), because accountability is higher and also the ease of transferring tasks when one or several of the group need to take a break for personal reasons or a residency/exhibition/intense work period or whatever. I estimate that this asks for about 8-12 hours of work per month per person if in a group of 4 or so. Obviously, it is spread through the month and probably sometimes more and other times less. I myself would like to join this group.

---3--- last but not least - ARC Talks. I have been thinking about this since the talk we had in France. I am up for making sure we have a yearly programme (of course, in dialogue with whoever wants to do a specific one) and producing ARC Talks, but only (1) in a team with one more person (for the same reasons as above), and (2) if other ARCers feel comfortable with it.

Please let know in comments what you think or if you have altogether other ideas / proposals of how to work in a way that is both full of content and inspiring (especially for us, but of course also externally), but also keep the administrative/organisational stuff going. Perhaps we can afterwards discuss this all informally during a start-of season ARC Eats.

With earthly love,

Posted : 23/08/2022 4:20 pm
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Hello all and thank you Anna for the quick summary.

I also feel the monthly meeting was not enough to keep a sense of community. Naturally people are busy with other things and sometimes the dates just don't work for several of us and it becomes a 3-4 member per meeting.
I support having more than one meeting with changing hosts, as for me, I'd prefer to work with another member to plan and co-host a meeting/activity, like I did with Simona.
I would also like to be part of organizing future publication/public-action.

Hope to hear more about your time together in France.
See you all soon 🙂

Inbal Ann

Posted : 26/08/2022 10:19 am
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Hi all,

I agree to all 3 points. I think it is good to have a producer for the ARC talks that closely collaborates with the curators of the talks, to keeps things going and organized. Since I am already involved in the bank account, ANBI label, tax stuff for the passed month, I am happy to join the administrative group. 




Posted : 26/08/2022 2:46 pm