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T.S. Anna
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Myself and Kevin just finished the ARC Writes session. It turned out to be an organisational meeting and we agreed on the following:
- ARC Writes takes places every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9:30. This is a compromise between the many morning lovers and those that are not. We added the sessions on the agenda.
- We will now make forum topics for each session, to organise it, to take responsibility and set themes (if necessary). It appears from the four sessions planned two or three are somewhat set, the others - please be proactive and bring in your theme or topic you would like for us to work as a group.
- As always - if anyone wants to participate or host but the time doesn't fit, just suggest something else in the comments.
Thank you for your attention!
Posted : 08/02/2022 12:04 pm
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