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DIGITAL ARChive - Where, What, How + instructional notes

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For the digital ARChive upload materials to our
A - All ARC included -
even if you can't be physically on Thursday 28.4 you can still contribute to the ARChive by Uploading materials to our MEGA drive .
The more - the merrier (the playing will be 🙂
B - What does 'Materials' mean? 
'Uploadable' materials - files - of all sort (pic, audio, video, text, code and so on..) relating to the ARC and its activities.
It can be a direct documentation from past events, or other relating materials such as quotes you find relevant to what we do.    
C - Sharing with caring - this archive is for ARC, but keep in mind we wish to work with these materials toward a public moment/publication. 
From that reason sharing photo's with other people/works for example, should be done consciously and with care.
D - Files & Folders -
There are many ways to 'archive', for the sake of navigating I suggest using folders (at least at the beginning). It can be in a folder under your name, under a topic's name, or by other specification (for instance: Not Knowing-Theme night). 
  * Playing with classification and the creation of archive can be a playful activity by itself for which we could dedicate a future PWTA session!
MEGA uploading notes 
  * to upload to the ARChive folder you'll first need to open a (free) MEGA account
  * cannot upload to the folder? ask Inbal or Kevin to share access.
  * Still doesn't work? we will figure it out, don't worry ..for this session you can send files to Inbal's address.
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