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POST-SESSION #1 - pics & follow-up

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Thank you K, A+A for participating and playing with the ARC-hive!

For those who could not make it here is a short Recap + link for photo's from the event:

> After we gathered up at the Travertijn 6 studio, we set the edible and personal-practice-related item in 2 separate tables.

> Starting with a short ARC-writing exercise, the participants picked a personal item of another person
and wrote a short text (some with a sketch), then pinned it to the wall.

> Next, they were asked to pick a few items from the digital ARChive, which then were printed in b'n'w and pinned to the wall,
this time with relation to the already pinned texts/sketches. Each took a picture of a specific part of the wall they saw as a 'frame' of itself.
those will be uploaded separately in here.

>we had a few minute reflection on that then we started to work and play with all of the materials (the items, the printed and handwritten),
using all the tools available to us (colors, tapes, scissors, the Xrerox, and so on).

>2 thirds into the evening cooking been initiated, and by 20:00 we all set to eat discussing the activity and what it can lead to.


We would like to expend the digital ARChive, and would like each of you to Upload materials.
Once you open a MEGA account under the email address you usually receive ARC mails from, 
you should have the access to the shared folder.

For our next 'session' we would like to suggest July's ARC trip to France, to which we will bring the outcomes of this fist encounter.

More details will follow...
Till then - take care and keep in touch 🙂

 Inbal Ann H. 

Posted : 30/04/2022 12:27 pm
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